Seripress acts as a partner for customers looking for new, innovative and reliable heat printing solutions.

All our products are the subject of a data sheet and are available for sampling on request.

We have presentation brochure kits available for our customers and according to their branch of activity.

We are able to perform tests on materials to check the strength and resistance of our products (abrasion, washing ...).

Upon request, Seripress provides a sample for validation prior to manufacturing:

  • All the samples are manufactured under the same conditions as for bulk production, in order to guarantee the same level of quality.
  • We produce samples on request, without minima.

Our transfers are deliversed with the corresponding instructions, installation and maintenance sheets. They have to be applied using a heat press, with the corresponding heat and temperature adjustments, depending on the technique and on the use of the article. It is imperative to carry out preliminary tests.

The production lead time varies between 2 and 7 days following the techniques. The information is given precisely at the time of the order. We are partner of many carriers, and we deliver worldwide.

Service, Support and Development

Depending on the need for marking, or decoration, Seripress studies and proposes ad-hoc solutions.

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Highe quality, Made in france

Thanks to its fully integrated production tool, equipped with the latest technologies, the company industrializes this marking technique

Customer care

All our products are the subject of a data sheet and are available for samp

Responsible Industry

The development and technical advances of industrial processes enable Seripress to offer screen printed transfers adapted to current envi