Textile(s) communication

For those of you in public relations, advertisng, or event management, Seripress'heat transfer technology provide the solution to your branding requirements, and enable the marking of variable quantities to perfectly match client demand.

Seripress transfers provide you with a large selection of mono or multi-colour branding solutions on an extensive variety of supports (clothing, soft luggage, tote bags, pouches, cases, umbrellas,...).

Our serigraphic expertise and laser cutting technology provide for creative and original branding and communication. Even greater impact can be achieved with any of our graphic effects : Fluorescent, metallic, glitter, reflective, 3D, phosphorescent,...

Seripress transfers are pre-trimmed and easy to apply in a few seconds with a thermal press.

We offer a selection of samples, pre-applied and ready to apply so that you may explore our products and carry out your own testing.

Our sales team will be pleased to guide you in your selection of the best transfer technology for your project.

Events management: You can opt to order our standard silkscreen transfers (monochrome, multi-colour) on our website www.printmytransfer.com. By using this online tool, you can place your order entirely autonomously. Your project will need to be fully decided: Transfer type, final artwork,...


Free samples pack containing a selection of transfers with information on our various processes well suited to textiles in PR.

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