Silkscreen transfers

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Serigraphy is a printing process that uses a blade to press ink through mesh screens of various gauges.
A silkscreen transfer, printed onto a specific paper, is a graphic that is applied with a thermal press onto multiple forms of support (textile, non-woven fabrics, cardboard, etc.,...)
Silkscreen transfers have a number of advantages :
  • Quick and easy application : Branding applied in a few seconds with a thermal press.
  • Durable quality : Ideal solution for a perfect, long-lasting result. Economically and environmentally advantageous, promoting a favourable long term image.
  • Limitless creativity : Printing of all sorts of visuals, simple or complex, clean-cut or finely detailed (labels, illustrations, logos, photographic images...), giving free rein to your imagination.
  • Special effects : Potential to stand-out by incorporating options such as glitter or fluorescent colours, for example.

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