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Acting as a symbol of excellence, the print on a piece of sports apparel helps to strengthen the image of sports brands!

Silk-screen transfer is an easy-to-implement, effective, economical solution that meets the resistance requirements.


For elastic materials, it has the advantage of following as closely as possible the movement of the textile, even when it is very stretched.

This strong elasticity allows the visual to maintain its shape systematically without cracking or glossing throughout the life of the garment.


It can be applied to light and dark fabrics, is resistant to washing at 60 ° C, ironing and machine drying.

It complies with international standards: ISO EN20471, oeko-tex, reach, it does not contain PVC, phthalates, formaldehyde or BPA.

Silver colored


The transfer material is slightly bulged out at 0.8 mm thick. It comes in white or black monocolor; it's ideal for logos, or technical or informative marks, and it's intended primarily for the world of sport, clothing or equipment. It can also perfectly enrich and graphically illustrate any textile material. This transfer makes it possible to reproduce detail of features up to less than a millimeter ...

A true partner of manufacturers of clothing, footwear and sportswear accessories, Seripress brings customized, simple and reliable marking solutions.

Our screen printed transfers are suitable for all types of clothing, accessories, light and dark colors.

For the decoration of textiles, all our techniques can adapt according to the needs :

  • Multicolor: Litho transfer
  • single color
  • reflective
  • puff
  • glitter
  • glossy
  • mirror
  • metal transfer

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Thanks to its fully integrated production tool, equipped with the latest technologies, the company industrializes this marking technique

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