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Transfers and labels for compression garments, orthotics and medical devices.

CLEARGRIP transfers:

anti-slip properties ideal on socks and compression garments for easy fit.

Transfers dedicated to EVA

Special process for sensitive materials, ideal on EVA and non-woven bags.

Available in litho-transfers, one-colour & stretch transfers.

LABELS transfers:

  • Exceptional image resolution
  • Elasticity
  • Ultra-fast printing

FULL-COLOUR transfers:

  • Unlimited colours
  • ideal for decorations

FLOCK transfers:

  • Velvet aspect
  • thick & robust 
  • ideal for non-elastic surfaces

STRETCH transfers:

  • Hyper-elastic and highly resistant
  • ideal for logos and compression garments.

Transfers can be used for various purposes:

  • Logo
  • Composition or size label
  • Information for identification or positioning (graduated ruler, location of a knee, etc...).
  • Decoration (including paediatric orthotics).

Elastic and resistant , the transfers are easily positioned on the material used for compression garments, medical devices and orthotics:
polyamide, spandex, viscose, polyethylene, polyester, cotton, etc...


Application process according to your needs

Transfer in rolls:

  • Best option for large quantities of logos and labels.
  • High productivity.
  • Requires specific press.

Individually-cut transfers:

  • Ideal for designs in full 4 CP colour.
  • Ideal for large transfer prints.
  • Only require standard heating press.