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Seripress offers different heat transfers for applying on all types of footwear: shoes, slippers, socks, boots, insoles, etc ...

Whatever the material, you will find a suitable solution.


Very resistant, elastic and opaque, the stretch transfer is available in either one or several colors.

It is suitable for all supports, and its elasticity also makes it easy to apply onto socks and stretchy fabrics.


Unlimited in number of colors, with superb photo quality, the 4 color offset transfer maintains a high degree of a pictures details (fine lines).

The transfer is very opaque; it is suitable for both light and dark materials, as well as for decorations or a brand logo, and able to have several colors.


Designed for materials that do not support the heat of a traditional application at 170 ° C, transfer for EVA applies starting from 80 ° C.

Available in four-color or single-color, this quality is particularly well suited for insoles (EVA, PP, PE ...), PVC, and non-wovens (for packaging covers etc.).


Puffed, glossy, glittered, flock (velvet imitation), metal, reflective, and fluorescent, these effect transfers can give a span of ''effects'' to the design. It is possible to add multiple of these effects onto the same transfer.

Screen printed transfers are used for:

  • decoration

  • a brand logo

  • to provide technical information such as sizes or materials of the product.

Transfers can be delivered as a ready-to-fit part, as a pair, as a sheet (need to cut out transfers before heat applying), in strips or with a specific cut-out shape (for example with a registration notch), or in roll form.

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